Solid Surface Countertops Installation For Your Lab

May 18, 2022 9:50:59 AM / by WSI Team

If you’ve settled on solid surface countertops as the right choice for your lab, the next question you likely have is…Who is going to install my lab’s new countertops?


The manufacturer or one of the company’s distributors typically handles solid surface countertops installation.


Here’s why it’s important to have a professional install solid surface countertops in your lab, as well as other advantages the best manufacturers offer during the process.

Professionals Know How To Transport Solid Surface


Transporting solid surface countertops into your lab requires care. Depending on the size of thesolid surface countertops installation space where you are installing countertops, you may need several people to move one slab.


Although solid surface is lighter than granite and other materials, one sheet can weigh more than 120 pounds, making it a difficult task for one person to accomplish. 


Inadvertently damaging your new purchase is also a concern during shipping. Manufacturers and suppliers know how to properly package your solid surface countertops during transport without causing any damage.

Manufacturers Are Experts In Molding Solid Surface Pieces


One of the biggest reasons why labs choose solid surface countertops is because the composition of the material allows several pieces to be molded to fit perfectly together and used across a large area of countertop space. 


Solid surface is made from a non-porous, homogeneous material that maintains the same composition throughout the countertop. This type of material is similar to plastic in that it is often made from acrylic or polyester resins and features a filler material.


When your new solid surface countertops are installed, installation crews will use special tools like a router to piece two edges together. When done correctly, solid-surface material features invisible seams, making it appear as if an entire surface area is one large piece of material.


It’s also important to consider the necessary cut-outs your countertop installation requires. For example, you may have areas of your lab where you are installing countertops that require further considerations, such as around sinks or appliances. In fact, because of its non-porous surface, solid surface is often used in wet environments.


Installation around these areas may require intricate angles, special ventilation needs or plumbing and electrical knowledge.


Keep in mind that professional teams sent by the manufacturer are experts, reducing the risk of anything going wrong during installation. However, if something does go wrong, your company likely won’t be held liable for any damages.

Manufacturers Can Answer Your Questions


The best manufacturers will work with you from the beginning of the sales process throughsolid surface countertops installation installation and even support after installation. You’ll likely have questions at several points during the decision-making process and afterward to ensure you are getting the most out of your countertop.


Purchasing and installing a countertop is often just one component to a major renovation, and it’s beneficial to consider your manufacturer as a resource of information.


The best manufacturers will make sure you consider every detail necessary before you purchase and install your solid surface countertop. They will take the time to send a manufacturing representative or a dealer representative to your facility, and a design staff person may also be on hand to help you work out the details of your project. 


When a manufacturer or distributor is on hand for the installation of your countertops, the representative should be familiar with the product and be able to answer any additional questions you have about using it.

Other Advantages The Best Manufacturers Offer


When purchasing new tops for your workspaces, the best solid surface countertops manufacturers should include installation as part of their services. Whether it’s by the manufacturer’s representative or a trusted distributor, installation is an important part of ensuring your countertop is ready to go for your lab’s application. 


The best manufacturers offer other services as well, and these can be significant clues when determining which manufacturer or distributor to work with for this major investment. 


For example, manufacturers should work with you from the beginning to ensure you are choosing the right material for your lab countertops. Solid surface countertops offer many benefits, from easy maintenance to their non-porous surface that keeps bacteria, mildew and mold away. However, if harsh conditions like open flames or powerful chemicals are present, another material may be a better choice.


The best solid surface countertop manufacturers will also:


  • Provide you with realistic and accurate lead times
  • Offer an accurate estimate that includes all customizations and shipping
  • Protect your shipments if using a common carrier
  • Offer customizations that best meet your needs and aesthetic or brand preferences


Particularly solid surface countertops are a great choice when it comes to customizations. Solid surface countertops colors include everything from soothing grays to earthy greens and vibrant reds. Patterns can mimic high-end looks as well, including many of the same patterns seen on wood, natural stone and minerals. 


Manufacturers can also customize things like a glossy finish, cuts, edging, pigments and even heat resistance to increase resistance to harsh conditions often found in workplace environments. 


You can read more about these customizations in our article, 4 Best Solid Surface Countertops Tips To Know Before You Buy.


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