Solid Surface Countertops Colors And Designs For Your Workspace

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With a rich palette of colors and patterns from which to choose, it’s no surprise that solid surface countertops are among the top choices for worksurfaces. 

In fact, this popular material offers one of the most versatile selections of colors and design patterns in the industry.

Solid surface countertops are often sought after for their durability, non-porous surface and easy maintenance. They also feature invisible seams, so several pieces can be molded to fit perfectly together and used across a large area of countertop space.

What gives solid surface countertops an edge over some other materials are the choices that come with customization. While your choices will vary by manufacturer, here is a glimpse of the difficult decision you may have ahead of you as you weigh your options, from vibrant colors to the look of natural elements.


A Palette Of Colors


Solid surface countertops colors come in an array of options, from bold blues to soothing grays and earthysolid surface countertops colors greens. Why the wide variety? 

When solid surface countertops are constructed, the minerals and binding resins are mixed with a powdered filler, which is typically aluminum trihydrate, as well as pigments. These fillers and pigments offer a wide variety of choices in the look you have when customizing your space.

Just about any color can be incorporated into your solid surface countertop, from beige and other neutrals to golden hues, hot reds and other colors that draw inspiration from earthy hues like seagrass and gray pearls. 

Even sleek white solid surface countertops are enjoying a surge in popularity since they offer a pristine look. While you may be tempted to choose a darker color to hide stains, solid surface countertops are water-proof, offering excellent protection against stains.


Patterns That Mimic High-End Looks


While some opt to go with surfaces that feature stunning solid colors, another option solid surface countertops provide is patterns that mimic the appearance of stones like granite and marble.

Resin materials can vary from acrylic to polyester and plastic. The mineral portion often depends on what the client envisions for the countertop’s final look.

The result is a vast array of choices that include many of the same patterns seen on wood, rocks and minerals. Alternating bands and grains of colors create looks that are inspired by some of the planet’s most beautiful and natural elements. 


Finishes That Add The Perfect Final Touch


Even when you have selected the color or design that is right for your workspace, there is one additionalsolid surface countertops colors decision you must make that adds the perfect final touch … finish.

One of the customizations often available to you when purchasing solid surface countertops is the finish of those countertops. Manufacturers can add special finishes like gel coating, gloss and matte.

Glossy finishes reflect a great deal of light. This offers a room a shiny, sleek look and can give a solid color a boost of radiance. However, keep in mind that glossy finishes can be more difficult to maintain. If your workspace regularly houses equipment that can scratch countertops, this might not be the best finish since glossy finishes are more prone to showing scratches.

If scratches do occur, it is best to seek professional help from repair companies that will use sanders and low-speed polishers to repair the surface and create a new uniform high-gloss finish.

Two other options are matte and semi-gloss. These are less prone to scratching and are easy to clean. Although solid surface countertops are less prone to stains, if one does occur, they can be corrected by simply using cleaners. For example, to remove brown stains, you can use cleaners made with oxalic acid. For stains from dyes and vinegar, you can use a damp cloth and a small amount of mild abrasive cleaner.

Which finish you choose may depend on what color you have selected or where the countertop is going to be installed. Lighter colors typically feature matte finishes, whereas dark colors have a semi-gloss or glossy finish. Typically, areas around the sink that are high-use will feature a matte finish.


The Right Manufacturer For The Right Design


When designing your solid surface countertops, it’s important to work with an experienced manufacturer or supplier that can advise you on whether this material is right for your countertop or whether another surface material will offer more protection against the elements found in your lab. 

Purchasing a countertop is a significant investment for any business, and the best manufacturers will work with you to design a surface that both meets your needs as an organization and provides you with the look you desire.


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