5 Top Qualities to Consider in an ESD Lab Chair

Oct 13, 2017 11:22:32 AM / by Albert Cappello

Most of you have experienced a low-voltage electric shock from time to time. For instance, you could create enough static electricity by rubbing your foot over certain carpets and then touching metal to cause an unpleasant jolt. Typically, the feeling passes instantly and harmlessly, so you may not even give it much thought.

However, if you work in certain environments, static electricity may cause harm or even a real risk of danger. Some of the esd lab chairdangers of static electricity include:


  • Ignition of flammable vapors or materials
  • Damage to sensitive electronic components
  • Clean room contamination
  • Erase or alter magnetic media
  • Forcing some materials to adhere to each other


Five Qualities to Consider Before Buying an ESD Lab Chair

If you work in a lab or other type of sensitive facility, You should consider an ESD lab chair to minimize the risk of an electrostatic discharge. These five tips can help you select the right chair:


ESD Lab Chair Coverings


Should you choose a fabric or vinyl covering for your ESD chair? You might base your choice upon your environment and even possibly your preferences. Some people find fabric more comfortable and chairs with fabric coverings might cost less.  However, vinyl usually resists stains more, is easier to clean and lasts longer.

Both the kinds of fabric or vinyl used to cover these chairs should prove equally effective at preventing static electricity. You might also consider Polyurethane, a very tough synthetic material, for work in harsh conditions.


Third-Party Verification of Quality


Your local big-box or office supply store may sell cheaper chairs that advertise themselves as ESD chairs. However, you won't have to guess about the workmanship or effectiveness of the design if you purchase ESD chairs with a certification from the Business Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association, or BIFMA. This organization performs rigorous testing on office furniture to make sure that it is durable and performs as advertised.


Chair Ergonomics


You buy an ESD lab chair to prevent static electricity; however, you purchase a lab chair to sit upon comfortably. Ergonomic chairs will keep you more comfortable and productive. As reported upon by OSHA, many lab workers risk developing injuries and disorders from the repetitive or unusual actions that their work may require

. They need equipment and furniture that has been built to minimize those risks. If you purchase lab chairs that include sturdy frames, adjustable heights, and comfortable backrests and seats, you can get more work done in a safer way.


Look for High-Quality Chairs that Have Been Made in the USA


esd lab chairIf you have to work with a limited budget, you may find imported lab chairs tempting. Before you try to save money this way, you might consider this report from Underwriters Laboratory that found half of imported lab products did not pass their safety standards. You could risk property damage, fires, or injuries if you purchase furniture that comes from countries that don't require the same standards and tests that the United States does.

Parts wear out and accidents happen if when you buy the best laboratory furniture. What happens to your productivity if one of your lab chairs loses a roller or needs another replacement part? If you purchase your chairs from a high-quality, USA-based manufacturer, you can ensure your access to convenient ordering and rapid delivery of replacement parts.


Look For A Warranty With Good Coverage


The last thing that you want to worry about when buying chairs for your lab, is premature replacement.  By buying cheaply made foreign product, you may get what you are paying for.  A chair that won't deliver on its promise of ESD control, which needs to be replaced prematurely.  Evaluate the warranty on your chairs prior to purchase.  Look for manufacturers that give a 7-year warranty for parts and replacement to ensure that you have a good product.


Why Shop Carefully for ESD Lab Chairs?


If you're going to buy ESD lab chairs, you can enjoy the most value if you invest in quality furniture. Look for BIFMA certification to make certain that your chair will perform as advertised. Otherwise, consider durability and an ergonomic design to make sure that your purchase keeps your workers comfortable and safe for a long time.

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