Top Five Benefits Of Modular Laboratory Furniture

Oct 31, 2017 2:15:23 PM / by Albert Cappello

As businesses constantly evolve, their laboratories must adjust to keep up with the day to day demands. Typically, traditional furniture does not adequately support the need for highly specialized and quickly configurable work spaces.

This makes it difficult for businesses and lab technicians to function at peak efficiency. On other hand, modular laboratory furniture allows businesses lab technicians can enjoy highly personalized workstations that support their required on the job functions perfectly. When you purposefully update your laboratory environment with modular laboratory furniture, you and your technicians will enjoy the five following benefits.


Cost Effectiveness


modular laboratory furnitureLet’s get right down to brass tacks. The number one benefit at looking at modular laboratory furniture is cost effectiveness.  Lab environments can change quickly, and companies may have to scale up or scale down depending on their changing needs.

By outfitting your labs with modular laboratory furniture, you can defer the investment of a full lab build out and pay now only for what you need.  This provides a budget-friendly way of developing your lab as you grow with the ability to plan for future growth.


Reconfiguration Options


As businesses grow, their lab processes may change or expand. Therefore, it is important that the furniture that you choose to invest in can grow with you.  With modular furniture, your existing lab environment is already primed for expansion, as the pieces are designed to build upon each other as needed.

Modular laboratory furniture allows you to reconfigure existing lab space to support new laboratory functions, or expand into larger facilities without the need to constantly start over with new furniture.


Total Adaptability to Meet Your Lab’s Needs


Many of your laboratory technicians will have specialized needs to complete their lab function. If the furniture and equipment does not best meet their unique needs, their ability to complete their assigned tasks may be hindered or compromised.

Modular laboratory furniture allows you to completely customize each workstation to best support your technicians as they complete their tasks. You can add electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, upgrade the worksurface and change the size of the modular lab furniture on the fly to create custom workspaces for each of your technicians.


Designed to Meet Safety Standards


modular laboratory furnitureIn a laboratory environment, safety is always of the utmost importance. Modular lab furniture supports this adherence to complete safety by meeting the standards established in the industry.

Look for laboratory furniture that has been manufactured to rigorous standards by organizations such as ANSI BIFMA.  For furniture that includes electronic components, make sure those components carry a UL Listing

Lab environments can use volatile chemicals and safety should be the highest priority.  Many cheaper imports are not made to such exacting standards.


Ergonomically Sound to Maximize Tech Productivity


Ergonomically designed lab furniture is built to keep technicians in comfortable and supported positions to prevent repetitive stress injuries. When you equip your lab with ergonomically designed modular furniture, you help ensure the health and wellness of your full roster of technicians.

By mindfully designing your lab to protect your staff, the ergonomic benefits of modular lab furniture will also ensure your technicians remain highly productive while working toward their work objectives.

Ergonomically designed furniture pieces allow employees to remain comfortable and focused on their work for much longer, and protected from fatigue and soreness that might otherwise inhibit true work productivity day after day.


Equipping Your Lab with Modular Furniture


To enjoy the above benefits, you can simply integrate modular laboratory furniture into your workplace layout. Once you make the switch from traditional fixed laboratory furniture to modular lab furniture designs, you will effectively future proof your laboratory, making additional changes and upgrades much easier than before.


Update Your Laboratory Furniture On A Budget

Albert Cappello

Written by Albert Cappello

Albert Cappello is the CEO of Workstation Industries, Inc. WSI is a manufacturer of Industrial, Technical and Laboratory Furniture based in Southern California.

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